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Muv Luv - F-15E Strike Eagle 1/144

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From "Total Eclipse", the second-generation strongest tactical machine "F-15E Strike Eagle" driven by the main characters Yuya Bridges, Stella Bremer, and Valerio Ziacoza is finally here.

The F-15E Strike Eagle is the strongest second-generation tactical aircraft developed by the US military as a successor to the F-4.
Currently, it is the main force of the US Army, and many are deployed in each country.

Weapons include 2 AMWS-21 (assault guns), 2 CIWS-1A close-quarters combat daggers, and 2 gun mounts on the back.
Markings peculiar to the US military are printed on the shoulders and legs, and the model number is Argos platoon Stella Bremer specification.

It is the commercialization of the aircraft that is indispensable for reproducing the Argos test platoon.