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M.S.G Gigantic Arms Order Cradle GT010

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The Gigantic Arms Order Cradle allows your figures approximately 15cm tall, such as Frame Arms Girls (not included, sold separately), to assume command of a giant battle robot from its control cockpit, or perform drums and keyboards for cheering concert crowds! It's great for photography or display, too!  

The Order Cradle is highly customizable and changeable. The cockpit's top and front covers can be opened and closed, and the entire unit can be modified and expanded to create a number of different configurations. The oversized radome can be a drum pad, and the tri-sensor doubles as a small drum pad; even the round base can be disassembled and used as an amor part!

The same hexagram connection system that's used in Kotobukiya's Hexa Gear items is used in this item, to make it easy to combine, customize and configure it to your liking! 

  • [Size]: Approximately 21cm tall
  • [Materials]: PS, PE, ABS