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M.S.G - LED Sword Blue Ver. Gimmick Unit MG03

Product Type: Model Kit
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A laser sword that actually emits light from the M.S.G gimmick unit series is now available!
A dramatic effect that shines brightly is possible using Millite (lithium battery with LED).
The sword part comes in two shapes, a satin-finished surface and a normal one.
The coloring is a set of clear color molding Ver. And colorless clear Ver. That match the emission color of the LED.
The colorless clear molded sword parts that are optional parts are for painter modelers and can be used freely.
In addition, special wrist parts for Frame Arms that correspond to the grip of the LED sword are included.
The wrists are angled so you can enjoy action poses with a keren taste.
* Due to the specifications of the lithium battery with LED used, the battery life of the LED sword differs depending on the color. Please note.
When turning on, if you push in the saber parts while holding the grip parts
It lights up.
To turn off the light, pull the generator part while holding the grip part to turn it off.
Sword parts can be selected from two types, A specification with a rounded tip and B specification with a sharp tip.
Attachment parts have a hole diameter of 1.5 mm and can be used freely by processing with a pin vise etc. according to the application.
It can also be used for Frame Arms if you use the dedicated wrist parts that are compatible with Frame Arms.
The diameter of the grip part is about 3 mm and it is very compact, so it can be used for remodeling various plastic models.
Wrist parts for exclusive use of Frame Arms (left and right)
Grip (lithium battery with Milli