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MG Jegan Type-D (First Deployment Type) 1/100

by Bandai
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Global Federation of Military Forces Production Type M S


From "bile Suit Gundam UC MSV", Jegan D type pre-deployed machine has been made into a three-dimensional master grade!

Based on the MG Jegan D type, the characteristic airframe color is thoroughly reproduced in the molding color!

-Reproduce the characteristic aircraft color of Jegan D type (preliminary deployment machine) with molding color

Based on white, the coloring of the main body of the pre-deployed machine made up of red arranged in various places is reproduced with part division and molding color.

-Reproduce special markings such as caution marks with water transfer decals!

-Various armaments characteristic of Jegan D type are included

-Beam rifle, beam saber, shield and other weapons are included.

Dynamic poses are possible with the latest MG-compliant wide range of motion.

Attached armament: Beam rifle / Beam saber / Shield / Hand grenadeww