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IMS - V Siren Prominence 1/144

by Volks
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Thorough reproduction of the charm of the destroyer type MH "Prominence" driven by the young emperor Dai GuThe 5th IMS 1/144 Scale is "V. Siren Prominence", the emperor's horse of the Fillmore royal family, which is paired with Neptune driven by Christine. In contrast to the slender and feminine Neptune, it features a rugged, angular mask and a powerful form. The flames on the shoulders and the characteristic patterns are reproduced with decals and sculptures.Thorough reproduction of the charm of the destroyer type MH despite its small ScaleThis kit thoroughly reproduces the special specifications unique to the destroyer type MH, which removed unnecessary armor when the young emperor Dai Gu made his first appearance during the invasion of Hasha in the Magic War. Pay attention to the slender yet powerful and distinctive silhouette, such as the large bail that seems to show the dignity of the emperor's horse and the stabilizer on the back.Parts with delicate and complicated shapes be integrated to the utmost limit, but you can also enjoy the body structure and its design philosophy while assembling, such as Internal Frame