HG Gundam Exia 1/60
HG Gundam Exia 1/60
HG Gundam Exia 1/60
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    HG Gundam Exia 1/60

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    –  Attractive big scale model "1/60 Gundam Exia" is now available
    –  Equipped with all 7 swords that Exia has! GN sword is transformed into rifle mode, GN beam saber & GN beam dagger blade is reproduced with clear parts, GN long blade & GN short blade can be equipped on the waist by replacing the waist parts
    –  Cockpit hatch opening and closing, "Setsuna F. Seiei" in a pilot suit is reproduced in a sitting pose inside
    –  The knee has double joints to ensure a wide range of motion, and a cylinder mechanism is used on the back of the knee to ensure a secure pose.
    –  Finger parts are arranged in the runner to fit the palm parts, making it easy to assemble.
    –  The characteristic lens part is reproduced with clear parts and foil seals, and the belt of each part is also made of soft material to reproduce the texture without hindering movement.