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HGAC #211 LEO 1/144
HGAC #211 LEO 1/144
HGAC #211 LEO 1/144
HGAC #211 LEO 1/144
HGAC #211 LEO 1/144
HGAC #211 LEO 1/144
HGAC #211 LEO 1/144
HGAC #211 LEO 1/144
HGAC #211 LEO 1/144
HGAC #211 LEO 1/144
HGAC #211 LEO 1/144

    HGAC #211 LEO 1/144

    $18.99 CAD
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    The long-awaited HG Leo is the 4th mobile suit in Bandai's "Gundam Evolution Project"! This project aims to enhance the Gunpla building experience, and features increased mobility and detail in each kit for a whole new building experience for fans.

    The HG Leo features a new joint structure that allows the completed kit an outstanding range of motion, while shortening the joint assembly time. The joint parts can be fitted in afterwards, allowing fans who like to paint their kits an easier experience as well. The head features a clear part, so no stickers are required. The HG Leo comes equipped with a 105mm rifle, beam saber and shield, and the handle of the beam saber can be stored in the back of the shield. Order today, and create your own army of Leos!


    105mm rifle (x1)

    Beam saber (x2)

    Shield (x1)



    Do we even need any introduction for this one? 

    Gundam Wing

    All time Favourite suit

    ■ Production massive MS Lee crowning the name of Leo is the long-awaited first HG conversion as "GUNPLA EVOLUTION PROJECT 4th bullet"! 
    ■ EVOLUTION POINT is "Fine Build (easy assembly)", realizing a high quality movement and detail, yet realizes a completely new assembly time. 
    ■ New joint structure realizes outstanding range of motion, further shortening joint assembly time. The joint part can be fitted from behind, and specifications easy to paint users also make. 
    ■ It is a runner composition aggregated for each part, and further supports easy assembly with an instruction manual adopting the icon. 
    ■ Not only ease of assembly, it combines the design with the latest format and the reproduction of precise details. 
    The head main camera adopts clear parts, such as no seal, only 6 colors can be color-coded by molding color only. 
    Armored drum gun, beam saber, shield attached. 
    The beam saber handle can be stored on the back of the shield as it is set. The drum gun adopts a structure that can be held with both hands. 

    ■ Drum Gun × 1 
    ■ Beam Sabel × 2 
    ■ Shield × 1 

    【Product Content】
    ■ Molded Product × 5 
    ■ Instruction Manual × 1