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Hexa Gear - Lord Impulse 1/24

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The HEXA GEAR Lord Impulse is back! Hexa Gear is a lineup of items from Kotobukiya featuring transformable battle mecha! It features the amazing Modeling Support Goods (M.S.G) hexagonal joint system, with a 3mm support pipe hole. Thus, weapons from Frame Arms and Heavy Weapons units can be used with Hexa Gear mechs! The Hexa Gear can also be ridden by their pilots, known as "Governors," sold separately.

The Lord Impulse, a third-generation Hexa Gear developed by EarthKline Biomechanics, was the prototype of the Rayblade Impulse. Movable thrusters on the left and right side of its fuselage are used for position control during jumping rather than acceleration, and this version features a long articulated limb on the back known as a "trick blade." It acts as a sort of prehensile tail, and is extremely flexible and strong, equipped with claws on the end for grasping.


Trick Blade can be flexed vertically and horizontally, with 3mm joints
The mouth features the Hound Byte holder, to hold and carry a wide range of items and weapons
Chain guns and automatic grenade launcher magazines can be removed
The Strike Edge attaches to the front of the forefoot, and telescopes out for use and in for storage
The newly designed parts can be used on the Rayblade Impulse
Can be converted from Z-ATEX fighting mode to Vehicle running mode