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Little Armory LA018 / AA-12 1/12

by Tomytec
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A highly detailed 1/12 scale model kit of an AA-12 shotgun from Tomytec's Little Armory series! These products are perfect to arm a 1/12 scale model or figure!

Fully automatic shotgun "Auto Assault-12". It has been praised not only for its high suppressing force by firing 12 gauge shotgun bullets at a rate of 350 rounds per minute, but also for its low recoil, which allows it to be fired with one hand, and its ease of maintenance. In addition to various types of general No. 12 scatter bullets, newly developed high-explosive bullets and armor-piercing bullets can also be used, and air burst bullets with sensors are also being researched.

With an emphasis on reproducing the details, the parts are recreated with the real firearm in mind, and it is possible to build multiple configurations, including without optics or during field stripping.

The model comes packed on runners and molded in black, silver, and clear plastic, but you can also make it look more realistic by painting to your preference.

Plastic nippers are recommended to cleanly remove accessories from their runners. Glue (sold separately) is required for assembly.