HG00 #006 Over Flag 1/100
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    HG00 #006 Over Flag 1/100

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    The elite Over Flag variable Mobile Suit from "Gundam 00" gets a snap-fit plastic kit release in 1/100 scale!


    ■ Molded in color, the black Over Flag will be fully articulated with polycapped joints upon completion, and can also switch between its MS Mode and Flight Position. Beautifully-molded in colour by Bandai using their patented multi-gate technology (which allows multiple colours on a single runner)

    ■ The sharp appearance is designed to evoke the image of a fighter jet when transformed. Translucent plastic is used for the facemask, and includes molded sensor unit detail.

    ■ Weapons include a new type linear rifle, two sonic blades, two plasma swords, and a defense rod.

    ■ Sharp mechanical detail can be seen on the linear rifle, thrusters, landing wheels, and wing flaps.

    ■ A sheet of foil stickers and a sheet of Over Flag team marking stickers are provided.

    ■ Three in-scale figures are included, molded in white: Graham Aker in a pilot suit and two Union ground crew.