HGUC #159 Gerbera Tetra 1/144
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    HGUC #159 Gerbera Tetra 1/144

    $32.99 CAD

    The Gerbera Tetra from Stardust Memory is finally here in a modern kit!


    ■ It features all the standard HG fare, like full articulation and poseability as well as its array of weapons as seen in the show.

    ■ This kit includes the classic beam machine gun as well as several pairs of interchangeable hands, so you can pose it however you like.

    ■ Its unique shoulders and back are finely reproduced by the detailed vernier and thrusters.

    ■ The newest movable mechanisms for the HGUC line enable various poses.

    ■ The back unit is detachable. You can choose from a normal backpack or a large-scale Sturm Booster.

    ■ Includes a beam machine gun, beam sabers and various hand parts.

    ■ Highly detailed and articulated snapfit kit,

    ■ Molded in multiple colors. 


    Runner x8, Foil sticker x1, Instruction manual x1