SW - Slave I (Jango Feit Ver) 1/144
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    SW - Slave I (Jango Feit Ver) 1/144

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    �EE�EE  The bounty hunter who appeared in "ode 2 / Attack of the Clone" Spacecraft Slave I controlled by Django Fett. 

    �EE�EE  Aircraft Reproduction:  Aircraft shape is reproduced by making new parts such as cockpit and part of the armour. 

    �EE�EE  Color reproducibility reproduced by molding colour and marking sticker by new parts. 

    �EE�EE  Scene Reproduction: The dogfight scene in the movie can be reproduced side by side with "l 009 Jedi Star Fighter". 



    �EE�EE  Dedicated display base ÁEE 1 

    �EE�EE  Selection type passage part for exclusive display base ÁEE 1 

    �EE�EE  1/144 scale figure ÁEE 2 types (Boba Fett sitting ÁEE 1, Jango · Fett sitting ÁEE 1) 

    �EE�EE  Hangar hatch opening and closing reproduction Parts 2 types ÁEE 2 

    �EE�EE  Two wheels of two wing cylinder parts for reproducing flight state / 2 pieces ÁEE 2 

    �EE€�EEProduct contents�EE€�EE

    �EE�EE  Molded article ÁEE 8 

    �EE�EE  Water transfer type decal ÁEE 1 

    �EE�EE  Marking seal ÁEE 1 

    �EE�EE  Instruction manual ÁEE 1

    >l x1