The Vault FAQ

What is the Vault?

Combine Orders and Save on Shipping!

Everyone who has an account with us has their own Vault. This means that when you make an order you can put it in your Vault. We keep your orders in your Vault and you can have them combined to ship together. 


Sign up for an account and make sure you use the same account every time you make an order. We can only combine orders from the same account.



When you place an order, choose the Vault as your shipping option. When we see this, we know to put it in your Vault. 



Ready to ship your orders? Let us know by filling out this form. Once we get your request we will combine and ship out your order. 

What is it for?

You only have one small item to buy right now
Suddenly you find yourself in need of cement. But you have nothing else to buy! With the Vault, you can buy the cement and put it in your vault. Now you're guaranteed to get it, but you don't have to ship it out right away. You can combine it with other purchases later and pay only one shipping rate.
Something you wanted came back in-stock!

The kit you want is back in-stock, but a new release is coming out next week. Now you don't have to gamble and hope that both are in-stock at the same time. You can order the kit you want and store it in your Vault. When everything you want have arrived you can combine the orders to take advantage of one shipping rate. 

Save on Shipping

How can I save on shipping?
Your shipping fee is based on the total amount before taxes of all your orders combined. For example, you make an order for $80, $130, and $90. If you shipped each of these orders separately you would have to pay 3 shipping rates. If you put them in your Vault and ship them out together, you would qualify for free shipping over $300! (before tax)
How long can I keep my orders in my Vault?
Orders can be stored in your Vault for 60 days. 

Combine and Ship

I'm ready to ship the orders in my Vault, what do I do!
Let us know you are ready to ship your orders out by filling out this form. When we receive the form we will combine your orders for shipping. We will send you an invoice depending on which shipping rate you qualify for. If you qualify for free shipping we won't send you an invoice.