Panda Hobby Mississauga Location - Soft Opening

by Panda Hobby on November 09, 2021
Hey Guys! 

This post is going to be all about the Panda Hobby Mississauga location. Wait what? You didn’t know we opened a 2nd location?!

The Panda Hobby Mississauga location, which we have dubbed “Sauga”, is located at 966 Dundas Street E, Unit 5 and is going to be 2000 sq ft filled with Gundam, Anime, and model kit goodness. Right now we are in the Soft Opening phase so we are only open from Wednesday to Sunday. We’ve already received really warm welcomes from the Mississauga peoples and we are super excited to join the community.

When is the Grand Opening? Well, the truth is, we don’t know. Yup… 

With how the world is right now, it’s really hard to plan even if we try to factor in delays. It’s crazy! We ordered showcases in July, they had an ETA for the end of August, 1 month not so bad. Then they contacted us again and said there’s another delay and they will arrive “soon” which was 2 months. And now it’s in Canada, sitting at sea, waiting in line at the port. No one can really say how long that will take, and even if they do, they will probably be wrong. So we are patiently waiting for these showcasess, along with a bunch of things we ordered for the store to show up so we can put in the finishing touches. 

Oh yeah, we were also really lucky and had a flood the second day of our Soft Opening… Do you remember a few weeks back there was a ton of rain and weather warnings. Well, there was a drainage issue in the roof and it caused a huge leak in the ceiling! When Baldwin got to work ceiling tiles were all over the ground and broken into pieces. The carpet was soaked and you could see it was A LOT. If you looked up you could see the ceiling tiles that absorbed a ton of water were bubbling like they were about to come crashing down at any moment. Some of our LED light panels were filled with water on the inside too. Luckily, that day we were getting some electrical work done so our electrician had a ladder high enough to go up there and he was nice enough to bring down the messed up lights and ceiling tiles. I think that the luckiest part of the whole situation was that it happened in an empty part of the store. 

So yup, that’s a kinda what’s going on with us,

Hope to see you guys in Sauga soon!

Soft Opening Hours:
Weds-Sat: 12pm to 7pm
Sun: 12pm to 5pm

966 Dundas Street E. Unit 5 Mississauga ON L4Y 4H5