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Space Battleship Yamato - UNCF AAA-3 Apollo Norm 1/1000

by Bandai
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Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Earth Federation Andromeda-class third ship Apollonome is now available on a 1/1000 scale!

–  Reproduce the departure and arrival section, which is the biggest feature of the third ship "Apollonome", with new modeling! Thorough modeling with details unique to 1/1000!
–  The Earth Federation Forces mark that can be seen from the top of the departure and arrival area can be reproduced with a water transfer type decal!
–  Two carrier-based aircraft of the same scale "Cosmo Falcon" are newly modeled! It can be exhibited on a display basis.
–  By displaying side by side with the first ship Andromeda and the second ship Aldebaran on sale, the famous scene in the play can be reproduced with a powerful fleet formation!

–  Carrier-based aircraft Cosmo Falcon x 2
–  Carrier-based aircraft Cosmo Tiger II x 4
–  Display base x 1

[Product details]
–  Molded product x 16 –  Foil seal x 1
–  Water transfer type decal x 1
–  Instruction manual x 1