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RG Tallgeese III 1/144

by Bandai
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OZ-00 MS2B Tallgeese III comes in 1/144 scale kit from "New Mobile Suit Gundam W Endless Waltz". Reproduction of the characteristic exterior of Tallgeese III with new modeling A new modeling reproduces a distinctive exterior such as a face with three corners and a large shoulder.

Impressive white and blue two-tone color with molding color. head Three-dimensionalization of the characteristic three-corner face part by new modeling.

Shoulder exterior

Newly shaped shoulder sheath exterior enlarged from base kit RG Tallgeese.


The neck former collar is reproduced with new parts. Reproduce the large armaments dedicated to "Tallgeese III" with new modeling A unique mega canon, a heat rod, and a shield are reproduced in new modeling with precision gimmick unique to RG.

Mega cannon

The Mega Cannon, which has been three-dimensionalized by new modeling, is equipped with a development gimmick of the barrel. It can be reproduced without replacing the two forms of storage and deployment.

Heat rod

The new shaped heat rod is reproduced by the lead wire and the ball joint and can move flexibly. shield It is possible to reproduce the heat rod storage condition to the shield by recombination.

1/144 scale "ZX Marquis" figure is attached by new modeling. The figure of ZX Marquis is attached. Includes a newly designed realistic decals.

Supplied armament:

  • Mega cannon
  • Heat rod
  • Shield
  • Beam saber