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RG 28 Tallgeese EW 1/144

by Bandai
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  • As template to the five Gundams of Operation Meteor, the OZ-00MS Tallgeese is an extremely high performance mobile suit aligned with OZ. Featuring high-output Super Verniers mounted on its back, the suit is capable of acceleration up to 15Gs. Only OZ's "Specials" Unit Zechs Merquise was able to tame this suit and overcome its raw power. Other than its speed, the suit has standard armaments, although its 'Dober Gun' has become part of its unique identity.
  • The RG Tallgeese model kit is solid, but refined in design. Keeping in line with its Roman inspiration, it features a unique round buckler, with beam sabers that can be mounted behind the shield. As the Tallgeese's focus is speed, the kit also has gimmicks which puts its thrusters on full display. The Dober Gun and shield are mounted to mechanical arms, allowing it to hold its weapons with minimal effort.

  • The RG line is equipped with the latest in injection-mold technology, aiming for a brand-new building experience for veterans and new modelers alike. A pre-assembled inner frame allows for easy construction with detailed sculpted parts on top.
  • Every RG model is crafted with realism in mind. Intricate decals, subtle parts, colour separation, dynamic posability, and mechanical gimmicks are sure to make your model stand out without additional modification required.

  • Approximately 120mm tall when assembled. No glue or plastic cement required.
  • Contents: Runners ×12, Realistic Decal Sheet ×1, Instruction Manual x1