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RE/100 Shokew 1/100

by Bandai
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Hero of the Yellow Jacket-
From "Mobile Suit V Gundam", a prototype MS "Shokew"

The first Gunpla kit in the RE/100 series. Three-dimensionalization of characteristic proportions and details using new modeling parts.

Reproduce the color pattern of various armed gimmicks and molding colors.
It was active in the early stages of the play has been three-dimensionalized with a completely new molding.

Pursuing distinctive details and gimmicks, such as changing the shape of the head camera eye and deploying the double shoulder beam gun built into the right shoulder.

In addition, the wrist parts have the same standard size as the "Camera eye".

-The head camera eye can be reproduced by replacing parts in the open/closed state in the play.
-Double shoulder beam gun
-The double shoulder beam gun on the right shoulder deploys with the cover and base moving. Flexible actions as set are possible.
-Various weapons including beam rotor are attached
-Various weapons such as beam rifle, beam saber carried by Shokew are included.
-The effect part of the beam rotor is reproduced with PET material.
-Beam rifle
-The site part is movable to reproduce the deployment gimmick.
-Beam saber
-Beam saber equipped on the legs can be removed.
-With a wide range of motion, it supports elegant poses. You can enjoy various action image reproductions that remind you of the active scenes in the play.

Attached armed: beam rifle / beam saber 
Water transfer type decals.