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Gaianotes Premium Color - GP-07 Premium Plated Silver

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It is a silver that can be expressed as close as possible to plating. It is diluted from the beginning so that it can be painted cleanly by using an airbrush. When applying with an airbrush, lower the pressure and apply in several coats so as not to thicken at once. By making the base black and smoothing it out, the feeling of plating increases. Repeated application will cause the gloss to disappear. Since it is a lacquer type, clear coating is possible with water-based paint.

Things to be aware of when painting premium plated silver

  • It's already diluted, so don't dilute it any further.
  • By making the base black and polishing it to make it even smoother, the feeling of plating increases.
  • Do not apply a thick layer at once by weakening the pressure, and divide it into several coats.
  • It dries quickly, so if you apply it on a humid day, whitening may occur.
  • Water-based clear coat is possible. Lacquer type clear can also be coated if you airbrush well.