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PG Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn 1/60

    PG Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn 1/60

    $369.99 CAD
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    The PG Banshee Norn shares the same frame with the PG Unicorn Gundam but instead of the Unicorn's Gatlings and Bazooka you get that massive Norn backpack as well as the giant shield and parts to make the launcher for the rifle.  The Banshee comes with that giant display base and Detron stickers for markings.


    ■ The head has a deformed structure. A magnet is incorporated in the blade antenna opened to the left and right, preventing opening of the antenna in unicorn mode.

    ■ The entire body armor is released extensively, and the exposed area of ​​the psycho frame is maximized. The psycho frame part is a clear part and is expressed mechanically.

    ■ Armed Armor XC reminiscent of the mane of a huge lion is reproduced by gold molding. Like the main body psycho frame part is expressed with clear parts.

    ■ Even in the Destroy mode, it secures the range of movement equivalent to the unicorn mode. Action pause with big knee flexed is also possible.

    ■ Equipped with a revolving launcher in the lower part of the barrel of Beam · Magnum. Beam Jutte, one of the equipment, is reproduced with clear parts.

    ■ Armed Armor DE, Beam Saber is also included. Armed Armor DE is equipped with a deployment gimmick. Equipment on the back of the body is also possible.

    ■ Behind the waist you can attach a beam magumum and a spare magazine of revolving launcher.

    ■ Display base to which each armament can be arranged is attached. Dynamic exhibition is possible by fixing the main body with movable struts.

    ■ Lidi Mercenas figures (standing / sitting) are included.

    ■ Plastic model original marking sticker included.

    Molded item × 58, Tetoron seal × 1, foil seal × 1, assembly instruction × 1