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Petitrits Archer/Gilgamesh (Fate/Grand Order)

by Bandai
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Archer-class Servant Gilgamesh from "Fate/Grand Order" joins Bandai's Petitrits line of figure kits!

This easy-to-build kit captures all of Gilgamesh's characteristic traits, and features a posable upper body so you can control the position of his arms. His unique base fits perfectly with his gold and red armor, and he comes with the powerful Sword of Rupture, Ea. Order today, and create your own chibi "Fate/Grand Order" figure!


Sword of Rupture: Ea
Foil sticker sheet
Kainasu sticket sheet

High reproducibility with a small number of parts! Summon the Hero King who appears in "Fate / Grand Order" in the Petititsu series!

Easy to assemble with simple parts configuration, which can be easily enjoyed by beginners. The details are well reproduced.

Deformation that is cute without breaking the impression as it is with the silhouette line with the characteristic character of the character despite being three heads.

Positive expression is possible without distorting proportions by moving the upper body. Includes "n Air".

Exclusive pedestal which imaged character is attached.


Air sword


Foil seal

Kainas seal

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