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Persona 5 Arsene

by Aoshima
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'- Character Plastic model series [ACKS] is the appearance of a new work.
- From popular game software [Persona 5], a person who acts as the main character [Arsene] appears in the plastic model.
- Reproduce to every corner, such as clothes molds and wing patterns with a fine expression not unlikely as a plastic model.
- Combining the strength unique to the plastic model, it is also possible to reproduce a variety of scenes.
- Easy to assemble with no need for glue, perfectly looks good with color coding.
- Even if you can assemble it normally, even if you challenge the coloring of the attention to detail, please enjoy Arsene's appearance every corner.
- Dimensions: total height about 26 cm / wing tip about 35 cm
- Specification: Plastic model
- Snap type adhesive not required kit
- color coding
- Replacement hand, ACKS common pedestal included