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M.S.G #42 Folding Arm MW42

Product Type: Model Kit
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The 42nd M.S.G Weapon Unit Series is
"Folding arm" for a wide variety of uses!

The folding arm is an item that secures movement over a wide area by connecting parts that make heavy use of various 3 mm axes.

It is almost square in the stowed state and can be installed without disturbing the silhouette.
The upper arm can be deployed up to about 90 mm.
Each part can be disassembled and used as a connecting part, and since each axis is a 3mm axis, various M.S.G can be used.

The basic weapon has a "small missile pod" attached to the tip of the upper arm, and a "foldable rifle" attached to the lower arm.

The muzzle of the foldable rifle has a 3mm connection hole, and various M.S.G can be attached.

The multi-platform that connects the arm and weapon can also be used as a single item when mounting various M.S.G.