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M.S.G #03 Propellant Tank Square MJ03

Product Type: Model Kit
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M.S.G plastic unit is greatly powered up!

The "properant tank", which has been requested by many users, and the "multi-booster" that can be expanded are included in the set as a mechanical supply series!
The concept is "a propellant tank that pursues the fun of recombination."
The main unit of the tank can be recombined so that you can enjoy both "long and short" specifications, and it can also be connected!
The multi-booster can be connected by "connection attachment" and can be used as a back unit for Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl, and other various robots.
* The vernier nozzle of the multi-booster is hexagonal.


The connection shaft of each part has a diameter of 3 mm, so you can use it in any combination.
Two types of " short" can be connected to the main tank.
Two types of "r Option" that can be used as a saber rack for the separately sold "Weapon Unit 25 Saber & Hammer" are included.
You can use it as you like from two types, A with a 3 mm axis and normal B.
Various parts can be attached to the base of the tank with 3mm holes, and a "il cover" with a minus mold is available to fill the unused 3mm holes.
The multi-booster can be attached to various parts in the 3mm hole on the side, and can also be attached to Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl, etc. with the retractable 3mm axis.
By using connecting parts, you can combine two multi-boosters and use it as a highly versatile back unit.

You can enjoy it freely by combining it with the separately sold mechanical supply series and various M.S.G.

Multi-booster <hexagonx 2
Connecting parts x 2
General-purpose adapter x 2
Thruster unit x 2
Main tank length x 2
Main tank short x 2
Tank base x 2
L-shaped joint x 2
Saber rack A x 2
Saber rack B x 2
Saber option x 2
Detail cover x 4
General-purpose 3mm joint x 2