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M.S.G Gigantic Arms Strike Serpent Plastic Model Kit GT014

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This model kit can be transformed from its sea dragon-inspired vehicle mode to combine with the separately sold Gigantic Arms Order Cradle.
The covers for the large missile containers have a special feature where it can be opened and closed and can be configured with Hexa Gear and other separately sold Gigantic Arms.
The covers of the separate serpent blocks that are used to assemble the serpent head can be opened and closed, to which the speaker design underneath can be used in a variety of ways.
Ball joints are used for the bases of the serpent blocks for high flexibility.
This fiercely intense booster unit utilizes the HEXA G-R.A.M. system, allowing for a wide range of customizations.
Model Specifications:
�EE{�EE{�EEp The neck part of the serpent head is made of 6 separate serpent blocks that can be interconnected with each other.
In opening the armored plate and revealing the speaker feature underneath, this part can be used in Live Mode.
�EE{�EE{�EEp The connecting joint of the serpent head uses a 5mm ball joint which makes it compatible for configuring with some products from the Hexa Gear series.
�EE{�EE{�EEp Using special parts, the