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M.S.G #15 Selector Rifle MH15

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The 15th heavy weapon unit is a large weapon "selector rifle" that selects the tip unit according to the application.
With the content specializing in recombination that inherits the concept of the strong rifle, which became the first in the series and became a long-selling product, a large number of hard points with a diameter of 3 mm have been set for each part.
The tip unit can be selected from four types: "Hauser", "Laser Shot", "Missile Launcher", and "Flame Thrower".
The sensor on the top of the main unit can also be used as the head of Frame Arms.
The adjuster joint used to connect the unit up and down can be used in a wide range of ways because the length can be changed depending on the insertion point.
The tip unit can be selected from 4 types of artillery weapons for different purposes.
You can choose your favorite Hauser (howitzer), laser shot, missile launcher, flamethrower (flamethrower).
"er unit" is equipped with a rotating and folding gimmick on the barrel, and can be deployed and stored.
"nsor unit" comes in two types, large and small, the large sensor unit can also be used as the head of Frame Arms, and the attachment for the sensor can be used for different hard points by connecting with a 3 mm shaft diameter. ..
The hold part of the "ip unit" is a rotary type, so you can comfortably hold it in the model.
"juster joint" is a highly versatile part that can be changed by replacing the length of the joint, and comes with 2 types of long and short left and right.
The unused tip unit can also be used as a back unit by combining the adjuster joint and the small sensor.
The 3mm diameter hole on the side of the main body can be closed with a detail cover.
Main unit
Hauser unit
Laser shot unittecific at