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Mr. Vice - GT66
Mr. Vice - GT66
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    Mr. Vice - GT66

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    An excellent tool for modelers, this high quality vise will greatly assist with modeling procedures such as cementing and cutting, etc. Sturdily made.

    It is a vice of a size most suitable for hobby use. It works for fixed base during cutting operation. When used in conjunction with the LP 01 Mr. Loupe, work such as fine parts processing and painting can be performed stably. 
    - The fixing pin securely fixes the parts. The fixing pin can change the mounting position according to the shape of the part. (Mounting holes can be fixed up to 30 mm wide up to 5 locations on each side.) 
    ● Since the silicone tube can be attached to the fixing pin, it will not scratch the parts. (Please cut the silicone tube to the length you like.) 
    ● With the butterfly screw at the bottom of the main unit, you can fix it at your favorite angle. 
    ● On the back side of the pedestal is a slip rubber with rubber.

    ● Weight: Approx. 400 g 
    ● Base size: 65 mm × 90 mm 

    ● 6 fixing pins 
    ● Silicone tube