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MG Gundam Heavyarms EW (Igel Unit) 1/100

by Bandai
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Further warheads worn by clowns GUNDAM HEAVY ARMS EW (Igel Unit)

Original armament appearing in "bile Suit Gundam W Endless Waltz Glory of Losers"

Gundam Heavy Arms EW equipped with "Igel" is commercialized in the master grade series.

-The original armament [Igel] that appears in [Glory of the Losers] is thoroughly reproduced with new modeling!

An additional unit consisting of three parts: a "weapon container", an "additional missile pod", and an "endless track"

Characteristic hatch opening and closing mechanism, volume feeling, etc. are reproduced according to the setting.

- Weapon container

   Mounted on both shoulders, there are a total of 12 container blocks on the front, back, and side. All hatches can be opened and closed