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MG Gundam F90 Mission Pack F-Type & M-Type for Gundam F90 1/100

by Bandai
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***Gundam F90 Kit Sold Separately***

F type of fighting battle specification,

M type of underwater warfare specification-


Combined with the "MG 1/100 Gundam F90" (sold separately), a mission pack that can reproduce the F type of fighting battle specification and the M type of underwater battle specification appears!


* MS is not included with this product.

* To reproduce the posted photos, this product and "MG 1/100 Gundam F90" (sold separately / Premium Bandai sales items) are required.

A mission pack developed for the prototype MS Gundam F90 of the "Formula Project" by Sanary (SNRI)

F-type and M-type appeared in master grade with completely new modeling!

<2 types of mission packs can be reproduced! >

�EEE¿½"ight) type of fighting battle specification

Fighting combat equipment equipped with specialized arms for close-range fighting around the arms and waist.

Characteristic arm and waist arms, backpacks and other shapes are three-dimensionalized with new modeling.

Mission pack newly drawn and raised by Fumio Kunio Okawara in F90 A to Z PROJECT.

Arm fighting equipment

Arm fighting equipment equipped on both arms is flexible. A dedicated beam effect is also included.

Sub arm

The waist subarm is equipped with a deployment gimmick. Beam saber can be held.

* Beam saber is not included. Use the accessory that comes with the separately sold "st deflection paddle of the backpack is movable.

M (Marine) type for underwater battle

M type specializing in underwater mobility and attack performance. Characteristic underwater equipment and weapons are three-dimensionalized with new modeling.


Reproduced back backpack equipped with a large hydro jet for underwater propulsion.

Furthermore, four louvers are equipped with independent movable gimmicks.

"uipment of underwater battle specification provided on both shoulders. Snorkel camera reproduces expansion and contraction by replacement.

In addition, the searchlight can be adjusted for the angle of depression and elevation by a movable gimmick.

Homing Pidou

Both leg homing piedots have removable torpedoes.

Heat Combat Knife