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M.S.G Mecha Supply Unit 12 Customize Head Type A MJ12

Product Type: Model Kit
Original price $24.99 CAD - Original price $24.99 CAD
Original price
$24.99 CAD
$24.99 CAD - $24.99 CAD
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Introducing a recombinable head unit that can build an original head that has received many opinions for commercialization!

It comes with 4 types of heads and neck joints corresponding to Frame Arms, and more than 200 combinations have been realized by recombining each part that makes up the head unit. You can customize by combining your favorite parts.
* Some products such as Kagayaki are not supported.

It is possible to freely combine the " unit", "face unit", "side unit" and "visor unit" that make up the head.

Neck joints are available in multiple types to accommodate various Frame Arms armor. You can select and use a joint of your favorite length.

Molding color is 3 colors, and it is composed of light gray, dark gray, and colorless clear. Since the attached neck ball joint has a diameter of 5 mm, it is also compatible with the 5 mm ball joint attached to hexagear.

  • Head unit A x 1
  • Head unit B x 1
  • Head unit C x 1
  • Head unit D x 1
  • Neck joint A x 2
  • Neck joint B x 2
  • Neck joint C x 1
  • Neck joint D x 1