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Little Armory LA049 M9 & M93R Type 1/12

by Tomytec
Product Type: Model Kit
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A highly detailed 1/12 scale model kit of M9 & M93R handguns from Tomytec's Little Armory series! These products are perfect to arm a 1/12 scale model or figure!

M93R handgun for VIP protection and special operations. It is based on the same model 92 as the M9, but this is a selective fire model with a long barrel and long magazine, and is capable of semi-auto and 3-burst. The kit reproduces various shapes of M9 and M93R. Reproduces 3 shapes before and after hammer raising/lowering/sliding. The option is the M9 bayonet, which can be attached to the M4A1 Type 2.0 released at the same time . US military standard handgun M9. This is an Italian-made pistol that was adopted in 1985 as a model to replace the M1911A1, which had been in the US military system for over 70 years. While it is solidly finished to world standard specifications such as 9mm caliber, 15-shot capacity, short recoil system, and double action trigger, it also has an eye-catching design with unique features such as a large slide cut to prevent defective pod ejection. It has become.

With an emphasis on reproducing the details, the parts are recreated with the real firearm in mind, and it is possible to build multiple configurations, including without optics or during field stripping.

The model comes packed on runners and molded in black, but you can also make it look more realistic by painting to your preference.

Plastic nippers are recommended to cleanly remove accessories from their runners. Glue (sold separately) is required for assembly.