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Little Armory LA009 MP7A1 Type 1/12

by Tomytec
Product Type: Model Kit
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A highly detailed 1/12 scale model kit of an MP7A1 sub-machine gun from Tomytec's Little Armory series! These products are perfect to arm another 1/12 scale model or figure!

A PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) manufactured by German H&K. The 4.6mm x 30 bullets are designed to penetrate body armor, but not cause fatal injury to target underneath. It was developed as a self-defense weapon based on the concept of being more powerful than a submachine gun and lighter than a rifle, making it ideal for special forces.

This kit contains two configurations: a body with the stock expanded, and another with the stock retracted. A suppressor, T1 type micro dot sight, and AN/PEQ-15 laser aiming module, and two 40 round magazines are included as accessories The suppressor's unique muzzle shape, the two-stage trigger, safety device, and the non-slip pattern of the grip are also reproduced.

With an emphasis on reproducing the details, the parts are recreated with the real firearm in mind, and it is possible to build multiple configurations, including without optics or during field stripping.

The model comes packed on runners and molded in black, but you can also make it look more realistic by painting to your preference.

Plastic nippers are recommended to cleanly remove accessories from their runners. Glue (sold separately) is required for assembly.

Included accessories:

  • T-1 type dot scope
  • AN/PEQ-15
  • Suppressor
  • MP7A1 (two types)
  • 40RD magazines x2