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High-Resolution Wing Gundam Zero EW [Special Coating]

by Bandai
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Painted with an amazing Pearl Coating. 

Reality and weight feeling by different materials, supple wing movements, wonderable movements realized " Gundam Zero" high resolution (high resolution)! 
In addition to providing abundant movable gimmicks in each part, a design arrangement that emphasizes images in the play, such as deployment to 6 birds, has been adopted! 
The distinctive Buster rifle can be deformed in 4 stages, it can be transformed into a flight form by combining with a shield! 
The inner skeleton frame made up of resin material and metal parts is sealed in the painted finished product state! 
- Plating and gross injection are adopted as an armor, and the real texture is expressed in parts unit! 

Twin Buster Rifle 1 
Beam Saber 2 
Shield 1 

Product Content
Completed Frame 1 
Molded Article 15 
Lead Wire 2 
Instruction Manual 1