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HGUC RX-124 Gundam TR-6 [Haze'n-thley II] 1/144

by Bandai
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From "ADVANCE OF Z-Under the Flag of Titans", Gundam TR-6 [Haze'n-thley II] appears in HG in deployment colors!
Optional parts of the whole body are reproduced by new moulding. Separation and deformation of G top fighter and G bottom fighter are possible in addition to the deformation mechanism to MS and MA form.
Reproduce optional parts of the whole body with new modeling. A drum frame with the same shape as the core [Woundwort] is used for the upper and lower body. In addition, optional parts of the whole body such as exterior are reproduced by new modeling.
Includes various weapons such as composite shield booster and mega particle cannon. In combination with the range of motion of each piece, you can reproduce the action pose of the battle state.
By replacing parts, rifle mode and claw mode can be reproduced. Mega particle cannon on the shoulder. A wide range of motion allows for the reproduction of artillery action.
Deformation to MA form is realized by replacing parts. In addition, it is possible to reproduce the separation and deformation into G top fighter and G bottom fighter formed by upper and lower body drum frames, respectively.
Equipped with a deployment gimmick during MA form deformation. In addition, the claw deployment during the G-bottom fighter and the deployment of the missile launcher are also reproduced.
Includes a recombinant display base that can display MS and MA formats.