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HG Mobile Suit Second V 1/144

by Bandai
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Phantom V Gandam Developed MS

The phantom prototype Second V that appears in the novel version "Mobile Suit V Gundam" appears in the HG series!


Including the characteristic back drive, the armor of each place changed from V Gundam is reproduced with new modeling!


Reproduce the back drive and exterior of the whole body with new modeling

The characteristic back drive is reproduced by new modeling. Furthermore, the coloring of the whole body is reproduced with new molding parts and molding colors.


Minowski drive unit

The characteristic back Minowski drive unit is a new model. In addition, the opening and closing gimmick are installed.


Megabeam Cannon is faithfully reproduced according to the setting

Reproduce the main armed mega beam cannon with new modeling. The firing pose when the weapon platform is installed is reproduced in a wide range of motion.

In addition, the detachment operation during melee combat can be reproduced.


Reproduce the deployment state of Minoffsky Shield by replacing

The folded state can be reproduced by replacing parts from the folded storage form.


Attached armed: beam rifle/beam saber/beam shield / Minofsky shield/ Megabeam Cannon

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