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HG HAROPLA #012 Haro Basic Green (Open Mouth Ver.)

by Bandai
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The newest member of Bandai's Haropla model kit family is a Haro that can open its mouth! The detail of the keyboard inside Haro's mouth is carefully molded, and you can also display him with his legs extended. When you're not using his legs, they can be stored inside his base! His base can connect to the bases of other Haropla models, too. Get yours today!


Leg parts


With a gimmick that opens your mouth, a halo that has a richer expression!

Added a halo opening gimmick as a new gimmick. The keyboard in the mouth is expressed by a precise mold.
Includes limb parts. Display with unfolded limbs is possible.
Arms and legs for replacement can be stored behind the pedestal.
Comes with a connectable pedestal.

Leg parts
Base x 1