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HG Gundam Age II Magnum SVver. (FX Plosion) 1/144

by Bandai
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Hidden deadly

GBN Strongest Sword

Kyo Kyoya's decisive battle machine based on Gundam AGE-2 appearing in " Build Divers"

Appeared in the coloring of the image when the Special Move "FX Vision" is activated. A dedicated display base that reproduces the funnel deployment is included.

Reproduce the FX promotion with metallic molding color!

The blue coloring at the time of FX promotionis reproduced with metallic molding color.

-Reproduce the funnel development on a dedicated display base!

Comes with a dedicated display base that reproduces the funnel expansion. A clear blue molding color is used.

In addition, the circular part at the back is movable, and the funnel can be displayed in a radial pattern with the funnel deployed on the front surface and the main body.

Reproduce the transformation to Phoenix mode!

The transformation to Phoenix mode can be reproduced by replacing parts.

Attached Armed: Hyper Dods Rifle Magnum / Beam Saber / F Funnel / Sigmasys Funnel

‚¬‚¬/ Sigle shield 

Accessories: Dedicated display base