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HG G-Parts [Hrududu] (Combat Deployment Colors) 1/144

by Bandai
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From "ADVANCE OF Z-Under the Titans Flag"

G parts [Furudo] (actual deployment color) appears in the HG series ideal for collection. Each part shape and various gimmicks are reproduced by completely new modeling.

In addition, the characteristic two-tone color is reproduced with a molded color. TR-1 [Hazel Ra] (second form) can be reproduced in combination with corresponding items.

-Reproduce G parts [Furudo] (actual deployment color) with new modeling and molding color!

Reproduce G parts [Frudodo] (actually deployed color) with each shape and unique two-tone molding color with completely new modeling.

Reproduce characteristic gimmicks such as Frudodo 2 unitin"‚¬‚¬Claw unit

The joint arm's telescopic gimmick and claw opening / closing mechanism are reproduced.

Main gun parts

Long blade rifles can be combined with HG TR-1 series beam rifle components.

Coupling mechanism

The Fudodo 2 unit can be reproduced by the coupling mechanism.

Combining separately sold items to reproduce Haze Rah (second form)

By combining two of these products withHG Advanced HazeïandHG Hazeïthat are sold separately

"m)" can be reproduced.

* Unreassembled HG Advanced Haze is required to reproduce Haze Ra (second form).

* Paint is required for color reproduction.

<Hazel Ra (second form) recommended combination kit>

* To reprodu