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Hexa Gear - Voltrex HG004 1/24

Product Type: Model Kit
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[Aircraft commentary]
"General-purpose hexagear" developed by Earthkline Biomechanics with the aim of adapting to all terrain.
However, many of these aircraft are operated by the military-industrial complex MSG's largest military institution, the Variant Force, which is under the control of the artificial intelligence SANAT.
At the time of battle, the drive system is converted to the fighting form "Zoatex mode".
The main weapon is two powerful "plasma cannons", but it is also equipped with a lot of weapons to support both near and far, and it is still a versatile aircraft that many governors want to board.
Although it uses a high-cost frame for its legs, it is said to be one of the most well-balanced aircraft in terms of performance and cost.

Onboard weapon
Plasma cannon Tail blade Grapple cutter
Product specifications
It is possible to convert from the high-speed driving mode "cle mode" to the fighting mode "Zoatex mode".
The battery pack of the main weapon "ma Cannon" can be removed.
The weapon " Blade" stored in the frame at the rear of the aircraft can be deployed and moved to enjoy various battle situations.
The joint unit of each part of the naked frame uses a hexagram system, 5mm joint, and 3mm joint, and can be recombined to change into various styles.
Archive card x 1‚¬‚¬‚¬The beam saber is mooe exterior.