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Hexa Gear - Bulkarm Beta Standard Type

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Hexa Gear is a lineup of items from Kotobukiya featuring transformable battle mecha! They utilize the Modeling Support Goods (M.S.G) hexagonal joint system, with a 3mm support pipe hole--so weapons from Frame Arms and Heavy Weapons units can be used with Hexa Gear mechs! The Hexa Gear can also be ridden by their pilots, known as "Governors," sold separately.

The Bulkarm Beta is a second-generation Hexa Gear that improves on the Alpha type by increasing its speed with auxiliary power units for its legs, and it has a different head with sensors suitable for medium- to short-range combat with higher visibility. Its default armaments are submachine guns and heat knives, and the mobility of the arms has also been upgraded. Most Governors are constantly adding to and customizing their own units, too.

The Bulkarm Beta features a movable visor on the head, and a cockpit that can be opened and closed. The arms feature a higher range of motion than the Bulkarm Alpha; the hover units attached to its ankles can be removed and used as a hovercraft for Governor figures (sold separately). The fan and ladder at the rear of the hovercraft can also be moved. The machine gun's magazine can be removed, and it features fully detailed ammo; the magazine can be mounted on the right or left side. The heat knife features hexagram-shaped ports which enable it to be attached to the 3mm-diameter hard points on the body with the included hexagram PC and joint. Optional Bull Armor can be attached to its legs to make it a heavy-armor type of machine; it's molded in the same color as the Hexa Gear Booster Pack 003 Desert Buggy and M.S.G. Gigantic Arms Wild Crawler, so it's easy to combine it with those items. It can of course be combined with just about any other Hexa Gear item as well. In addition, you can assemble two different types of Bulkarm Alpha heads with the optioanl parts! Order this versatile mecha-monster today!

[Size]: Approximately 16.5cm tall when assembled
[Materials]: PS, PE, ABS


Bulkarm Beta body
Machine gun
Heat knife
3mm joint
Hexagram PC
Bull Armor (x2)
Hovercraft grip parts (x2 sets)
Footrest for hovercraft (x2 sets)
Bulkarm Alpha head A
Bulkarm Alpha head B
Archive card