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Frame Arms Girl - Laetitia

Product Type: Model Kit
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The latest kit to join Kotobukiya’s original Frame Arms Girl series is LAETITIA!

Laetitia is an updated version of Innocentia designed by Humikane Shimada and based on the mecha design by Takayuki Yanase.

Model Specifications:

・In addition to the same default chest part as Innocentia, a larger chest part is also included.

・Three types of pre-painted face parts are included (“Yaeba” Grin/Looking Forward, Tongue Sticking Out/Looking Left, and Subtle Smile/Looking Right).

・Two new hair parts are included (Side-parted Bangs and Side-parted Bangs with Connection Points). The bangs from the Innocentia kit are also included.

・Includes hair parts for a low ponytail and a bun as well as Innocentia’s short hair style.

・The side buns and twintail parts are only compatible with Innocentia’s bangs. They are not compatible with the side-parted bangs.

・Various ear accessories are included (Cat Ears, Mecha Cat Ears, Mecha Fox Ears, Mecha Pointed/Floppy Dog Ears, and Mecha Accessories).

・In addition to the five types of hand parts from the original Innocentia kit, six new types of hand parts are included (Heart Sign, Thumbs Up, Peace Sign, Pointing, Weapon Support, and Salute).

・Three types of neck frills are included (Collar with Ribbon, With Armor, and No Armor).

・Skin tone arm and leg parts are included. Arm and leg parts from the Materia kit are also included.

・A standard length neck part and neck part for use with doll clothes are included.

・Standard bare feet and bare feet for use with doll shoes are included.

・The kit includes decals for the eyes and other markings.

・The 3mm connection points are compatible with parts from the M.S.G and Frame Arms series.

(This item is a reproduction.)