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Frame Arms Girl - Greifen Ultramarine Violet Ver.

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This model comes in an all-new violet mecha coloration with a navy blue and white sailor outfit underneath the armor.
Use the body from the original Frame Arms Girl Greifen to assemble this new Greifen with an all-white sailor outfit-like outfit underneath the mecha.
The violet mecha combination can be attached to previously released Hresvelgr models as well.
The signature sub-arms of the Frame Arms Greifen are recreated in the Frame Arms Girl GreifenUltramarine Violet Ver. as an oversized mecha suit.
Similar to the Frame Arms Hresvelgr, which was also designed by Tomotake Kinoshita, Greifen�EE{�EE�EEl�EE{s mecha suit can be converted into a two-legged vehicle that is also compatible with other Frame Arms Girls.
The fingers on the mecha hands are moveable.
The model comes with a clear helmet based on the helmet parts from the original Frame Arms Greifen. The Frame Arms Girl also comes with modified hair parts to use with the helmet.
In her unarmed form, Greife