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FR - Metal Garurumon (Amplified) Digimon Adventure

by Bandai
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"Metal Garurumon" from "Digimon Adventure" is now available in the Figure-rise Standard Amplified series!

A three-dimensional illustration of As' Maria's drawing for plastic model under official supervision.

  • You can experience the satisfaction of assembly by dividing the parts with attention to detail "luding color coding.
  • By the gimmicks that boast an overwhelming range of motion, the characteristic poses of Metal Garurumon can be produced.
  • The torso flexibly moves to reproduce a beast-like posture.
  • The base of the forefoot is widely movable to naturally pose.
  • When opening, the upper jaw slides downward to realize natural jaw opening and closing.
  • We realize new armament form with joint parts. Special effects are included as clear parts.
  • Proposal of infinite ways of enjoying the plastic model original, such as the gimmick of the beam wing.
  • A more dynamic pose is possible by combining with the attached action base.


  • Action base x 1
  • Wheel seal x 1

Bandai brings us the awesome-looking Figure-rise Standard MetalGarurumon, the newest Digimon from the classic "in the Amplified series! Gabumon's Mega form is here, and it's styling, from his fearsome feral form to the high-energy.