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FR - Asuna (Sword Art Online)

by Bandai
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Asuna is the first character from "Sword Art Online" to enter the Figure-rise Standard lineup! Enjoy new realistic features, including a hair made from a new material that also boasts smart parts separation for dynamic posing, and strong inner thigh parts that support an outer skin piece for a natural skin texture without losing any support.


Joint gimmicks are also designed to support natural human movement like stretching, bending, and twisting. Along with her three expression plates (normal, shouting, and angry), take full advantage of articulation for great posing options! Asuna also comes with optional sword and hand parts for further customization.




Expression parts x3

Left hand parts x3, right hand parts x2

Lambent light rapier x1

Figure-rise Effect stand x1

Water transfer decal sheet x1

Sticker sheet x1


The main heroine "Asuna" from "Sword Art Online" appears!