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CGT-6MM-V2 Scribing Guide Tape 6mm x 30m

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Carving/Scribing Guide Tape 6mm x 30m

Transparent guide tape used when creating streaks with tools, scribers, etc. Although it cannot be used in narrow areas, the adhesive area is increased compared to the 3mm width type, so the adhesive strength is increased. It can be firmly attached. Please use 3mm for narrow areas and 6mm with high adhesive strength for large areas.

Since it is transparent, you can carve straight lines without blurring while checking the bottom surface. It adapts well not only to straight lines but also to corners and curved surfaces, making it easy to create panel lines on curved surfaces that would be difficult to create without a guide. It has moderate adhesive strength and can be used in several locations in succession (adhesive strength decreases on rough surfaces)

*Due to the manufacturing process, the shape is easily distorted. Please avoid direct sunlight and high heat.