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Best Hit Chronicle Playstation (SCPH-1000) 2/5

by Bandai
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How thick are your nostalgia goggles? Well, get ready to dive into that deep deja vu pool with the Best Hit Chronicle 2/5 scale Playstation (SCPH-1000) plastic model kit from Bandai! This kit is to celebrate the PlayStation's 25th anniversary and faithfully reproduces the design and details of the console. It includes a replica of the internal hardware, as well as the sockets, controller, memory card, and a clear disc. The memory card can be inserted just like a real one!

PlayStation, which celebrated its 25th anniversary, changed my life as a student 25 years ago.

The first model of a home video game machine that still spins history is now a plastic model from BEST HIT CHRONICLE!

Reproduces the faithful details of the PlayStation released on December 3, 1994. The contents of the aircraft that could not be seen at that time can be assembled.

The same color coding as the actual machine is achieved by simply stacking with the crackling structure.

Detailed logos such as buttons and switches that have been pressed dow