HGBF #053 Amazing Strike Freedom Gundam 1/144

    HGBF #053 Amazing Strike Freedom Gundam 1/144

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    We guess the best way to name a Build Fighters kit is to just smack "Amazing" somewhere on it, cause this tried-and-true method is on round 4 with the Amazing Strike Freedom! This take on the HGCE Strike Freedom Gundam Revive adds 2 entire new runners to the kit, most likely for the insane amount of guns and binders on this guy!


    �EE�EE  Various flight and attack forms can be recreated, so you never run out of ways to pose it!

    �EE�EE  It's armed with its large beam rifle,

    �EE�EE  The impressive winglike armor on its sides and back (which includes beam cannons, rail guns, and Dragoon Shields) is posable!

    �EE�EE  The Vrabe DRAGOON has been recreated and features a movable mount part, enabling users to mimic its firing position.

    �EE�EE  The DRAGOON pods can also be attached and detached and even mounted to the Rifle!


    Set includes rifle x1. Runner x12. Sticker x2. Instruction manual x1.