HG00 #019 Arios Designer's Color Ver. 1/100
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    HG00 #019 Arios Designer's Color Ver. 1/100

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    Check out this recolor offering of the February 2009-released 1/100-scale Arios Gundam, this time with all parts molded in the same light-toned color scheme as mecha designer Takayuki Yanase's concept illustration of Arios Gundam, plus the addition of an LED unit to light up its camera eyes!


    ■ Arios Gundam sorties onto the battlefield as this sharply detailed 1/100-scale snap-fit kit that captures the mecha's form and can transform from Mobile Suit to Flight Mode upon completion!

    ■ Molded in color, Arios Gundam can be equipped with the included GN Twin Beam Rifle, two Beam Sabers, and a GN Submachine Gun under the cover of each wrist.

    ■ In Flight Mode, its GN Beam Shields can be opened and used as a claw weapon similar to the GN Shield of its predecessor Gundam Kyrios.

    ■ Switch on the LED unit and it will light up the Gundam's camera eyes!

    ■ Foil stickers, aurora stickers, and designer's marking stickers are included.

    ■ One coin battery is required, not included.