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HG00 #016 Seravee Gundam 1/100
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    HG00 #016 Seravee Gundam 1/100

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    Surprises abound when one goes into combat with Seravee Gundam. Not only is the mech capable of taking down multitudes of enemy Mobile Suits with one powerful blast of its GN Bazooka II, but also, its GN Cannons on its backpack and knees can switch into flexible arms to wield its GN Beam Sabers and grab a target, plus it also has a hidden trump in the form of another Mobile Suit that it carries on its back!


    ■ This snap-fit plastic kit allows you to build a fully articulated 1/100-scale Seravee Gundam along with Seraphim Gundam, which can switch between its backpack mode and a poseable Mobile Suit.

    ■ The torso-sized head on Seraphim Gundam can slide open into Face Burst Mode, and the mech's arms can also revert back into GN Cannons.

    ■ Seravee Gundam's signature GN Bazooka II can be combined to form a massive Double Bazooka Cannon that can also slide open into Burst Cannon Mode.

    ■ Attach each GN Bazooka II to the GN Cannons on its backpack to form the devastating Twin Buster Cannon!

    ■ All parts come molded in color.

    ■ A sheet of foil stickers and a sheet of aurora stickers are included.