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HGOG #016 Zaku II Type C/Type C-5 1/144
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    HGOG #016 Zaku II Type C/Type C-5 1/144

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    The Zaku II Type C / Type C-5 from "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin" is fully posable after assembly! It's armed with its long rifle, two heat hawks (one in active form, the other in inactive form), a bazooka, and more! It features the option to build the kit as either the Type C5 or Type C Zaku II, and also comes with armor for the Type C5.  Parts come molded in color so painting isn't necessary!




    MS machine gun x1

    Machine gun belt for MS x1

    Heat Hawk x2

    MS bazooka type A2 x1

    Anti-space ship rifle ASR-78 x1

    Marking sticker sheet x1

    Note: This kit does not include an Action Base.